Latin Teacher Facebook Forum

A Meeting Place for Latin Teachers

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Our Latin Teacher Facebook Forum is open to all current, former, or prospective Latin teachers. The Forum is a place for Latin teachers to discuss matters related to the Latin language, teaching Latin, and Classics in general. The Forum is open only to Latin teachers.

The goal of the Forum is to give teachers a chance to interact with other Latin and Greek teachers in a safe environment. Because it is a closed group, teachers can discuss assignments without worrying that students or parents may be looking in. In addition, the Grey Fox Forum gives Latin teachers a chance to interact with their colleagues across the US and around the world.

The group is moderated by Grey Fox administrators, and all posts are relevant to Latin and Greek pedagogy. Teachers post announcements and links about Classical events and resources, ask the group questions about teaching, and share their own experiences and successes as Latin educators.

The Facebook Forum is a natural extension of the mission of Grey Fox:

  • To promote the study of Latin and Ancient Greek,
  • To provide students with access to online and in-person instruction in these languages,
  • To promote Latin as a living, spoken language, and
  • To provide free quality educational materials and training to teachers of the Latin and Ancient Greek languages.

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