Grey Fox Latin Teacher Podcast

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podcast 6

In this week's episode of the Podcast, the Latin Guys talk about teaching Latin to students with learning differences.

podcast 5

In this episode of the Podcast, Grey Fox tutors the Latin guys share their perspective on teaching Latin verb conjugations. Please check out and download our free Latin Regular Verb Conjugations and Irregular Verb Conjugations charts in the Grey Fox Archives.

podcast 4

In this episode of the Grey Fox Podcast, our hosts argue the merits of different techniques for teaching Latin sentence translation. The Grey Fox Latin Sentence Translation Steps guide is free to download in our Archives.

podcast 3

The Latin guys discuss strategies for teaching Latin declension endings, including visual, oral, and acquisition approaches. Please check out our Declension Endings Charts, all free to download in the Grey Fox Archives.

podcast 2

Andrew and Kostas discuss why visual aids can make a big difference in student achievement. They address the different types of visual aids, including those that are 100% word-based vs. those that include images. This includes discussion of Latin visual aids produced by Grey Fox, all free to download in the Grey Fox Archives.

podcast 1

Kostas and Andrew discuss the various reasons to consider integrating Spoken Latin into your classes, along with strategies for doing this effectively and available conversational Latin materials, including the Grey Fox Conversational Latin Course textbook.